“Hi Pete
They’re fabulous!!!  Make me smile just to look at them.  I don’t know how you got so many superb ones.
Thanks so much”


My Style

Hi, I’m Pete and I’m a professional full-time photographer based in Swindon, Wiltshire. Your relationship with your dog is special and unique and my aim is to capture this and provide you with the most contemporary canine photography available today. This means I endeavour to capture the personality of your dog through action shots, close-up portraits and the bond that exists between you. This is often when they are at play and I also watch how you interact with your dog during this time to capture this relationship. Your canine photo shoot can be anywhere you like, at home or in the garden, or at your favourite park or countryside location. We also have a home studio if you would prefer portraits of your dog(s) at their absolute best and well groomed. Photography is my passion and I’m always looking for that moment where I can capture the true character of our furry friends in a captivating and natural way.